5 Top Tips for Selling Your Home

Are you thinking of placing your home on the market to sell? Not sure where to start or what might be important with getting your home ready to present to potential buyers?

At Home Hampers, we are all about presentation. It is utterly important to us that recipients are excited and thrilled to see what's inside our gift boxes, however, the outside presentation is just as important because let's face it "the outside matters as much as the inside - just like presenting homes".

We want to help you do just that and have sourced these 5 top tips from an industry expert, Sophie Howard at Harcourts who outlines areas that should be a focus when considering your home ready for the market.


5 Top tips for preparing your house for sale, as per a Sales Consultant:

  1. Consider your Street Appeal
    ‘Street appeal’ is a term much loved and there’s no doubt that the first, outside impression of a home can dramatically influence its saleability. Start by cutting back overgrown trees and replacing tired plants (including the lawn) to make the property look more spacious.  Or you could invest a little more money by resurfacing a cracked driveway or repaving and widening an old footpath. Does the front fence need repainting or replacing? Likewise the letterbox, front and garage doors? Even a new house number in a style that complements the architecture of the house can help revitalise the exterior of a home.

  1. Renovate the Kitchen
    The kitchen is the heart of a home for many of us and improving its appearance can seriously lift the value of your home. However, think carefully before replacing the whole thing as the next owners may want to put their stamp on the kitchen.  It may be better to just give it a facelift by replacing the benchtop, handles, taps and splashback.  Throw in a few extras such as a water filter, built-in rubbish bins and statement pendant or industrial-style lighting.

  1. Upgrade the Bathroom
    To upgrade existing bathrooms, rather than going all out with new fittings, you may only need to make minor changes such as buying a new vanity, cleaning grout, buying new door knobs and drawer handles, even replacing the toilet seat. Water-saving measures such as eco-friendly taps, shower fittings and toilets will also impress dollar-wise homebuyers.

  1. Choose the Right Lighting
    Light has a huge effect on the attractiveness of a home. Although expensive, adding windows and skylights are a good investment if your home is dark.  Instead of skylights, many homeowners are going for the cheaper option of tubular skylights which funnel natural light down from a hole in the roof. With artificial light, adding dimmers can enhance the mood of your house while statement lights in the living areas will instantly give it a contemporary feel. There are also plenty of low-cost LED options available to update your lighting.

  1. Home Maintenance
    A flash kitchen won’t distract people from spotting rusty gutters, leaky windows or a dripping tap. Houses which show evidence of regular maintenance are the most saleable. You may not notice that ding in the wall but potential buyers will, and it may make them wonder what else is wrong with the house. Small repairs often don’t cost the earth but oiling doors and windows or replacing a missing tile can make a big difference.


As you can see, these tips are relatively easy and certainly helpful. A great way to get jobs done around the home is to gather family and friends over a weekend for a working bee - the more helping hands, the quicker these tidy up jobs are done and the whole process feels a lot less overwhelming than trying to do it on your own.

We would love to hear any other tips or tricks from past and/or recent experiences that might assist others, so please share in the comments below. 



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