5 Gifting Tips for Businesses



 As a gifting specialist, I save people valuable time by searching, testing, sampling and organising unique New Zealand made products to create memorable, thoughtful, modern and beautiful gift boxes and hampers for your recipients.

With Christmas literally only 11 Friday's away, I want to share with you some helpful tips to think about for corporate gifting - whether it is for your clients, other business professionals, business partners, staff and even family or friends.

Corporate gifts should express appreciation, gratitude and leave a lasting impression. Businesses should be taking the time to think about what gifts they are giving to ensure the right message is being received and that recipient feels valued.

Here are 5 simple tips to assist you:

  1. Be prepared

    Don't leave it until the last minute, as mentioned we are not far away at all from the festive season and you know what it's like! They don't call it the Silly Season for no reason. So, start making a list (or sit down with your trusty EA/PA/Admin extraordinaire) and begin writing who you would like to give a gift to and what your budget is going to be. Then start getting onto organising those gifts early, so you don't miss out. Everyone is extra busy at this time of year, so to ensure that gifts are curated, packaged and delivered in time, it is best to get in touch with a Gifting Specialist and book in now to get the ball rolling!

  2. Think useful

    Sometimes it is hard choosing gifts to suit people, however, try to gift something that is useful. Gifts that can be used over and over, are unique, environmentally friendly and how about supporting other New Zealand businesses. Supporting local is getting more and more popular again and people are certainly seeing the value in receiving a gift that has been handcrafted right here in NZ. We are after all, proud to be Kiwi's!

    If you are giving a gift to an office team, it is good to consider something that everyone can enjoy, not just the business owners or management. Everyone in that business contributes to the success and day to day running so it is nice to recognise and share that appreciation and gratitude to all.

  3. Don't over do it

    There's always the traditional Christmas treats - biscuits, chocolate and many other tasty morsels that are gifted. The problem is we can receive too many of these sugary snacks from everyone else and it can get a little sickening! Not to mention send the office on a sugar high, only to come crashing back down. Plus we all know we have to enjoy all the trimmings on Christmas Day, so why over do it prior? Why not think about gifting healthy snack alternatives or even think about those who are dairy and gluten intolerant too.

  4. Be different

    Think about all the gifts you have received in the past. Did you receive a lot of the same items? Wine, Chocolate, Christmas biscuits? Can you remember who gave your what? Think outside the square and gift something that is memorable, as this will definitely be something they remember.

    When I worked in a corporate business many moons ago, I have always remembered a gift that one of our clients would send every year that no one else had ever sent - a large box of fresh Cherries. The whole office enjoyed them and I still remember that gift to this day!!

  5. Presentation

    And lastly, presentation is key! It is a joy to receive a gift and it should be carefully and thoughtfully put together so the recipient can relish in the excitement from the moment it is presented to them. In my opinion, the outside presentation is just as important as what is on the inside. Make it memorable, make it a WOW factor, make it stand out from all the other gifts that they will be given!

    And don't forget that a handwritten note or card where ever possible - it truly makes a difference and adds that personal touch. 



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